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January 23, 2018

Fully Electric Supercars?


We had a Tesla in our inventory for a short time and found out rather quickly that it can be addicting to keep pushing the 'go pedal' to the floor and feel the rush of speed that instantly occurs.  No waiting for an engine to rev up, just instant torque and accleration.  With that driving experience, the conversation about how fast it actually accelerates compared to sports cars and exotics that are on the market today came up with our staff more than a few times.  The conclusion was that at the time we had the Tesla in our inventory, although it was surrounded by big V8 engined cars, the Tesla was the fastest car in straight line acceleration parked in our upper showroom.

So would people buy a fully electric car that has the styling and luxury of an exotic?  A fully electric supercar?  Say a Ferrari?  Would Enzo approve if he was still living?  Fiat/Chrysler/Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has been back and forth about the company actually building a fully electric car.  At one point Marchionne told Bloomberg that if the all electric trends moves to supercars, Ferrari would be the first to build one.  He also mentioned to Bloomberg that, going full electric from Ferrari's hybrid base used in the LaFerrari wouldn't be that difficult.  

Many enthusiasts have heard about the Tesla and Dodge Hellcat drag races that people have staged numerous times.  The results of those races are surprising to most that see the race itself, or even just reading the numerical results.  You have a modern muscle car lining up with a sleek, unassuming looking sedan.  Now, we all think its fun to watch a sleeper type of car race a high horsepower vehicle and surprise it by keeping right up with it or beating it.  You could say that the Tesla is one of those vehicles that falls into a sleeper look category, although by now most people know what they are capable of.  

Off to the drag strip.......in the case of the Tesla P100D, the car pulls up to the line and waits for the Hellcat to do a smoky, rear end sideways, engine and supercharger screaming burnout.  The lights roll down the tree and they are off.  The Tesla gliding away from the start line edging the Hellcat from the start, the Hellcat leaping off the line, thundering down the strip only to finish a fraction of a second slower than the Tesla.  The Hellcat is a whole body experience - the sound of the engine, the rumbling and vibration of the engine, the torque violently pushing you into the seat as you take off, and fighting the steering wheel to keep the car pointed in the right direction.  The Tesla is as easy as pulling up to the line, choosing the "Ludicrous Mode" on the digital display, punching the 'go pedal' when the light goes green, and being firmly pushed back into your seat as you are sent down the strip.  Totally different sensations.  

Tesla recently teased photos and conepts for a fully electric supercar which created quite a buzz.  They promise ridiculous acceleration, good looks, a nice vehicle cruise range, but will it become a car that enthusiast will want, or just people who are trying to follow a trend?  It looks as though electric cars are here to stay.  Maybe it will create another genre of car culture - all electric vehicles, special all electric racing leagues, car shows that have only electric vehicles where owners stand and control the car's functions on their phones.....   

Will people go for a supercar that has some battery packs and a few electric motors, rather than a high horsepower V-12 that creates a primal scream and can bang from gear to gear in milliseconds?  Time will tell.



January 16, 2018 

2019 Ford Mustang "Bullitt"

Ford has given the public a close up look at the 2019 Bullitt Mustang, due to hit showrooms in the later part of 2018.  They've done good with creating a buzz and excitement around this new car........but we'll get to that.  First, the car itself.  We're impressed with the  styling, much like the Bullitt car from the 1968 film, the new car is understated.  Free of badging, and finished in the same Highland Green color.  This is also the same color as the 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang that our restoration and body shop has been restoring.

The 2019 Bullitt Mustang has a number of awesome changes making it another Mustang trim package that seems to slot right in between the GT and the GT350.  The Bullitt Mustang will churn out approximately 475 horsepower from an engine that has a few performance touches.  The 5.0L V8 borrows the ECU and the Intake Manifold from the GT350, which means that the Bullitt car has bigger throttle bodies than the GT.  A Ford Performance exhaust system allows the engine to breathe a little easier, make great sounds, and follow the understated look of the car with black exhaust tips.  The Bullitt car also gets all the goodies from the Mustang's optional GT and Performance Packages.   

Inside the car, the Mustang's cool digital gauge cluster/display has a special Bullitt 'Welcome Screen'.  Other interior features include Black Leather Recaro Seats, Navigation, an upgraded stereo system, and a white cue ball shift knob.  

Ford had a great introduction for the car planned that included Molly McQueen, Steve McQueen's Grand Daughter doing the honors at the North American Auto Show in Detroit.  She also appears in the advertisement for the car which has a very clever short story, which (of course) relates to the movie Bullitt.  Two cars pull into a parking garage which has only one parking space left.  Both cars take off with the Bullitt Mustang taking the lead ahead of the black Dodge Charger.  After some tire smoke, and a few 'Leapfrog' moves, Miss Molly slots the Bullitt Mustang into a parking spot by doing a finely executed J-Turn.  Good Stuff!!  We're definitely excited to see the new Bullitt Mustangs on the road later this year!



January 11, 2018


Detroit Auto Show

We're coming up on the opening of the Detroit International Auto Show (Or North American International Auto Show - NAIAS), and with that comes all sorts of vehicle designs and innovations in the automotive industry.  But the Detroit Auto Show has not always been a large scale international show.  The Detroit Auto Show initially started as a regional show that was organized by the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) and was a show that happened annually since 1907.  In 1987 a number of local auto dealers came up with the idea of making it more than a regional show.  They envisioned an international show that would draw thousands of people and all sorts of different exhibitors from around the world.  In 1989 the show officially gained its new name of the North American International Auto Show, and with this official name and growth, a committee and chair-persons were appointed to keep the vision of this rapidly growing event on the right track.


A number of memorable vehicle introductions were made at the NAIAS.  The new Dodge Viper was introduced to the public as a concept at the 1989 NAIAS, and in 1994 Volkswagen introduced the Concept 1 which eventually became the "New Beetle" when it went into production in 1997.  Since 1989, 924 vehicles have been introduced at the NAIAS.  One of the more memorable introductions was in 1992 when then Chrysler Corporation President Bob Lutz drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee through a plate glass window into Cobo Hall.  As the show grew over the years manufacturers began sending teams of people to build special displays.  Still, manufacturers send in teams of people to build elaborate displays to help showcase their products and newest concepts.  


The NAIAS has also been a venue for charitable causes and education for those who have dreams of working in the auto industry.  In 2009 more than $2.6 million was raised for Detroit area children's charities as attendees were given a sneak peek at the auto show and treated to a special performance by The Doobie Brothers. 


Design contests, special live web feeds, Press Days, Industry Days, and Award Ceremonies all make the NAIAS an incredible experience for all who attend.   


 January 12, 2018


On This Day in Music History

On this day in music history - On January 12, 1969 Led Zeppelin released their debut album 'Led Zeppelin' which took only 36 hours of studio time to complete.  Most of the tracks were recorded and deemed complete with very few overdubs.  The album included such tracks as; Dazed and Confused, Communication Breakdown, and Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.  

How about we pair a car from our inventory that came out the same year as the Led Zeppelin album?  Our 1969 Mustang Mach 1 is a perfect candidate......

In Rolling Stone's 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time review of 'Led Zeppelin' they describe the album as an "astonishing fusion of Page's lyrical guitar playing and Robert Plant's paint-peeling love-hound yowl."  The Mach 1 definitely has a satisfying "yowl" when revved up.  Pair the awesome sound with good looks thanks to the extra styling cues added in the limited edition Mach 1, and you have a car that is edgy and good looking.  We think this iconic car pairs well with the Zeppelin rock, balladry, and folk-bluesy sounds.





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